Friday, December 3, 2010


We had an amazing time on our Thanksgiving Week. Jamie and I are very grateful for all of the family that we were able to see and for all of the awesome food that we ate while we were in Alabama. While we've been in Kentucky, I had completely forgotten how many women ware that Alabama print. You know the print I'm talking about, it's the slanted black and white checkers. Wow, if I wasn't an Auburn fan than I would have so much of that print, since I love black and white clothes. But anyways!

Over the Thanksgiving holidays we were able to visit all of our family down in Alabama!
 We spent a few days at both parent's house and got to see all of our friends close by. I even got some pretty neat pictures while we were driving. This is probably our favorite scenery. No wonder we miss it so much!
 Just in case you're curious, here's a little background of this lake I keep taking pictures of.
 It's called Lake Guntersville. This is a massive reservoir  that stretches over 76 miles and supplied by the Tennessee River. You don't see the lake very well from my parents house, instead you see the massive Tennessee River. In fact, the 3rd picture of water up there isn't a lake picture, it's the river. And there might not be humongous mountains there, but there are pretty good far off views of them. 
Here is the picture that we took with my side of the family. This is my little sister standing in front of us, and my brother-in-law and two of his kids in the front. I love those kids. They are some of the cutest ones that I know. 

Here's some pictures that I missed up there. ; )