Monday, August 13, 2012

Pregnancy Update

So I know that the last post I have is of our little rice baby that you can hardly see and then weeks of nothing. Well, I have come to amend that! : )

As of yet, the pregnancy isn't too rough on me but boy, did I have a week last week! It came in really hard with morning sickness and finally is starting to slow the rush to the bathroom. But it's all very exciting!

This is our most current ultrasound, and man! Look at the difference! This is only two weeks after the first one and you can already see the cute little body! : ) We got to see the heartbeat and at the last apointment the heart rate was up to 183 beats/min. And oh was it loud! No worries with this little one a very strong and nice heartbeat to make us Mommy and Daddy proud already : )

We should go back in the week of September 3 so, cross your fingers and keep us in your prayers! Thank you for all who read this blog. It may be little and at times hard to follow but thank you for helping us feel important.

I'm just hoping that as school starts next week that my all-morning-classes aren't interrupted by frequent bathroom trips : ) Wish us luck on our next few months!