Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Adventures and Updates

I feel like if I had a theme song on this blog it'd be "Wow, it's been a while." But seriously, I can't believe it's been so long since we've had a working computer. And yes, technically our laptop does work. But that doesn't mean that I can get pictures off my camera via it. For some reason it does not read the SD cards anymore {it's really old}.
Anyways, update! We are currently in the final stretches of purchasing the duplex that we live in. Yay! After closing and when it is officially ours we will be doing some minor cosmetic renovations and then renting out the other unit. I very much look forward to closing in a couple of weeks. You can not knock the wind out of my sails about becoming a property owner {even if it comes with being a landlord too}. I will say that this news probably takes a few people by surprise due to the fact that we haven't really been talking about it a whole lot. I think to a certain extent we just didn't want to jinx it and have to tell everyone that it fell through. But believe it or not it's happening! And it has been quite the roller coaster of emotions.
Blaine, my sweet little boy is finally one! Officially has been for a couple weeks. He is super funny and super smart! Everyday he learns something new and surprises me. He walks, says small words like "Mama," "Dada," and "Stop it." And he loves to make noises with his mouth--which is new, the girls had minimal interest in it. He really is a cutie and I can't wait to post more fantastic photos of him soon.
We went on vacation in April. So I'll have to post photos of that too....
Y'all, seriously. Thank you for staying with me on this whole blog thing. It's a juggling act and I'm still trying to perfect mine. ;)

Promise to write soon!!