Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Life be crazy

As I'm sure all of you can relate, the holidays were crazy. This past year they took a new level of energy out of me and I'm still not 100% sure that I've recovered from them. But I think that probably has to do with our computer crash. Mostly because nothing is easy to do technologically anymore. I mean seriously, when I can't print a coupon from the laptop we are using as a desktop and it won't print from a mobile app (thanks, Disney) you go a little crazy. I even went so far as to call customer support on that one, and they just said, "Sorry, sucks to be you. Go somewhere that you can print from your computer." No coupon code or nothing.

But anyways. On a brighter note, I'm am excited for our sweet little girls! They started gymnastics a couple weeks ago and are loving it! They have done really well and their teachers tell us every week that they are doing great and fit right in. They even love it so much that Hazel will be having her birthday party there, and I'm looking forward to it :) There's a lot of prep work that I'm trying to get out of the way--so the big day runs smoothly--but at least I've got a month to do it. Cross your fingers with me that it all turns out!!

Blaine is crazy fast, now! Especially considering that he used to just sit in one place. Now he crawls, has 2 teeth, and says "Mama" & "Dada". He is really getting there at 8 months now! It's hard to believe but it's true. Sorry there aren't any pictures. I really hate that, but alas I have to get creative to get them off of the nice camera. ;) It's a work in progress--such is life, lol. I have decided that to be the mom of a boy you can't take things too seriously. Because that little boy will laugh at everything you do. And if you are being too serious, he will just provide the comic relief himself with some farty noise. Yes, it has been my experience that this little trick starts early. So just go with it when you don't absolutely have to be serious. That is one of the things that I love Jamie for. He keeps me light-hearted. Being a mom is tough enough, just have fun with it.

So, yeah. We are having fun in our chaotic little corner of the world and are glad that you're still wondering. Stay tuned for when I can finally get our pictures up. Hope you are having a bright and sunny day! :)