Monday, September 30, 2013

Sorghum Festival

This year Jamie was put on the detail for the sorghum festival. It's been a year since the tornado that struck West Liberty, and I must say that they have come a long way. It was a lot of fun to be able to go down and spend some family time together at the festival while he was on breaks :) I found a couple of really cute things, but the purchase I am most excited about is the stocking hanger plaque that I found. Since we moved into our new place I've been so excited about all the holidays that we'll be spending here! And Christmas is my favorite. I'm am so excited to be able to finally take pride in decorating for it and the warm cheery air that comes with all the baking, music, and decorations. We usually spend the holidays with Jamie's family in Alabama. And its been great, but we said when we first got married that we would like to alternate holidays that we spend with them. Since my parents are a bit too far to visit we usually just spend Christmas with them. With that said, I never get to decorate and when we come home its depressing... But this year we get to switch and spend thanksgiving with them and Christmas up here. It's Hazel's first Christmas but we would only have four days to go down, whichever holiday we picked. So instead of a short Christmas we decided to go for a long thanksgiving. Now I get to do all my decorating, baking and music here in our new home! I'm so excited about it! And I can't wait for the family to come visit us for Christmas!  :)

Hazel is geared up and ready for the fall football season. She got a super cute set of onesies that are sporting our football team, courtesy of grandma and grandpa in AL. Here's a sweet sneak at the cuteness of our first little cheerleader ;)

Enjoy your week!

Friday, September 20, 2013

The move and other tid bits

I can't believe its taken me so long to realize that there was probably an app for blogger! Yep, there is. Lol. So expect to see some more posts from me :)

Our move was somewhat chaotic since Jamie was gone that month. But now that he's home and things are settled in, we love it! It's close enough to town and college that Jamie can ride his bike, but its also only 5 minutes from uptown too! The best part is its tucked away a bit so you don't feel packed in, or that your even in town really. Now if I could just get used to juggling Hazel and all the house work I'd be set ;)

Speaking of Hazel, she is getting so big! She is now 6 & 1/2 months old, can walk with help, has two teeth, and can eat baby food. She says mama, dada, and nana. And she is the happiest baby I know! We just can't get enough ;) Here's a few photos for all that family that doesn't see her everyday :) We love you all!!