Saturday, January 29, 2011

How To Spice Things Up...

So, Jamie's last day home before he leaves for basic is this Monday. He told me that he wants me to plan a special "Last Day" to do with him. He won't answer any questions about what he wants or wishes for his last day. I thought about going bowling with him. I even found this great place in Flemingsburg that is decent for a bowling alley! In fact, I went today with a family from church. It's not too expensive, I think the biggest thing would be the gas to get there. So, if I were to try to somewhat save money, I was thinking that we could try to go swimming up at the college. I'd love to go to a YMCA, but Morehead doesn't have one. I wonder, who do you have to talk to in order to get a YMCA? Anyways... anyone have any ideas??? Past that, I'm just in the dark as to what to do! I really want to plan something really awesome, because he always does that for me. Leave me a comment if you have any ideas!

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