Monday, April 28, 2014

How-to "surprise cake"!

So this is my very first pictorial! Before I get started I want to disclose that these are unedited pics from my phone, so don't be hating.

Now I'm putting this together for my mom mostly. I told her about the cake I was going to make to reveal the gender of our baby number 2 and she said, "that's so cute! You have to email me directions." So instead I decided to blog it :)

This is a picture of what I started with:

  • Cake (as many layers as you want)
  • Your stand or whatever it will be displayed on
  • What you are using for your icing (I did whipped cream)
  • Anything you want to put in between the layers
  • The candy to go inside to fall out
For my cake we found sixlets in the Wal-mart baking isle that worked perfectly for us. And I only did a two layer cake; it worked out just fine but I think I'd like a 3-4 layer better.
As mentioned before I just did a homemade whipped cream that I used for all the frosting in this cake.

Step 1: place your bottom layer
 of cake on the stand and use whatever you have on hand as a template for the area to store the candy. If you are doing multiple layers then do all of your tiers together first and then cut out the hole.

Step 2: fill the hole with your assorted candy. I went ahead and mixed the colors together to get the right ratio of pink/white. Something that I didn't think about until afterwards is that you'll want to leave a bit of space so that you can "cap off" the candy so that it doesn't get gooey with the frosting and it'll actually spill out.

Step 3: take the cake you previously removed from the hole and trim off a bit so that you can protect the candy from the frosting. Place it on top of the candy and try to snug it in there--thus the need for a bit of space at the top of the candy pile.

Step 4: do the between layer frosting and anything else that you want to put into it. As you can see we did strawberries. It was super yummy!

Step 5: last but not least, place the last layer on top and frost the entire cake. If you want something written on the top then feel free to do so now. :)

This super cute cake could be done for more than just a gender reveal. I think my mom is going to use it for a baby shower were the gender is already known. But she just thought it was such a fun idea, and I agree. Hopefully this helps on your quest to create the perfect party! Happy creating--and eating ;)

P.S.- these are some of the pics of the whole get up and how it turned out. Thought you'd enjoy seeing it in action! :))

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