Saturday, September 10, 2016

The Big 3-0

Happy Birthday to Jamie!! That's right, my amazing husband turned 30 today! He started a brand-new decade and this will be the first decade that I get to be there with him the whole way. I'm looking forward to growing older with him through these next 10 years {and 50 or so after}. The Lord has truly blessed me with him. He has taught me many things and has allowed me to teach him a few. I would not be the wonderful woman I am today with out him. I love you for all eternity, Jamie! Always.

So his cake turned into a Black Forest Truffle. I'll need to try it again a different time. But here are a few pics. We were going to be in the park, but got rained out and relegated to the apartment. It was still a blast. Thank you for everyone coming and supporting this big birthday!!!

That cake tasted delicious! Looking forward to my birthday next ;)

One year older and wiser, too! Happy Birthday to you {Jamie}!

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