Friday, October 8, 2010

Halloween Crafts!

About a week ago Jamie and I bought these beautiful pumpkins for tons of fall decor! I was so excited and just couldn't wait to get started. I had so many different ideas banging around in my head that it was hard to pick what I wanted to do. You'll have to forgive some of my somewhat "crude" crafting. I'm not a professional yet, but I do have some decent ideas. It seems that time really is a factor for the perfection of crafting, and I give my Kudos to those who make it look so easy and quick. Also, I haven't gotten used to taking all kinds of pictures of my stages and I appologize for no pictures with the steps. I'll have to work on that.
Now my first decoration is a Trick or treat pumpkin! I loved it so much that I am trying my hand at a Trick or Treat sing and I'll post pictures of that later when it's all finished. However, I did pick up this font and get up already turned backwards from this site : ]  I also end up using the witch mentioned here on the sign as well. It's just all so super cute!

1. I ended up tracing the writting out becausse I don't have a printer and putting it onto some cardstock.

2.Once on the cardstock I cut it out with an exacto knife making a template.

3. I placed them onto the pumpkin where I wanted the words and painted. *note that due to the roundness of the pumpkin, it was difficult to make it even and it came out splotchy. I think that adds something though.

4. I took the bottom and painted it all black just for extra kicks. Ultimately I like the way it turned out. Not quite as crisp, but I feel it adds to the Halloween mood.
The next project that was on my list is an apple. We'd had some extra apples that were laying around and it got me to thinking that I should do something like the poison apple off of Snow White. Now my apple is not nearly as fancy as theirs because, frankly, I'm only working on a dime. I'd used some old art supplies for the paint ( just standard acrylic paint) and an apple out of the bunch that we had. So, it didn't cost me anything. I'm sure that there are many other ways to do both of these projects, but for those of you who don't have the expensive craft equipment that could the job hop on board ; ]
At any rate, here is the finished product! I'm pleased with it although my cross could have been way better. Nonetheless, it remides me of a pirate ship flag or something, which works for me!  : ]

All I did for this one is paint it black (leaving a space big enough for the skull and cross). Then filling in the space until I had the basic shapes I needed. Once I was there I switched to a smaller detail brush (rounded instead of squared) to perfect the skull try to fix the cross.

If you're like me then you've been cruising the craft blogs looking for great ideas. Sadly, my house isn't very fall or halloween like what I keep seeing. Needless to say, I put together a little centerpiece out of some spare fabric, some plants I cut from out side, and my two nifty projects : ] This now sits on my kitchen table! I love it! And if you'll notice in the background, my husband loves this caricature that he got of him down in New Orleans. Yes, that is my strong wonderful husband that I adore : )
And that is all that I have for now, hope you guys liked it.

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