Saturday, November 13, 2010

Happily Ever After

So yesterday, while we had the missionaries over, I decided to try something new for a desert. This time instead of doing some boring milkshake for the missionaries I was going to make apple pie. The only thing was that it was so hard for me to make the crust that it didn't get done until they'd already left for the night. It's OK though because Jamie and I still got some! Here is the delectable pie that we were treated to! Just looking at that picture and remembering what I went through to make that pie makes me extremely glad that my husband is patient with me.

Now that Jamie and I have started packing our house has become such a mess of everything. Nothing is where it was and if it is, it won't be there for much longer. We hope to have the house all packed and ready to move by the time we leave for our week of Thanksgiving vacation. And hopefully Morehead Kentucky Rentals has found someone for our trailer. If not...then we'll be living out of boxes for a little longer than originally planned!  
But amidst all of our packing I have begun to loose my mind and be more than slightly forgetful. A couple of nights ago I had pushed forward one of our special plates we got from our wedding. It was fine where it was on top of the fridge, but then when I opened the freezer door it fell crashing to the floor. I was so mad that I couldn't look at Jamie for a minute or two. Not that it was his fault! I was in one of those moods that you just want to be frustrated for a little while, and if I'd looked at him he would have had the emotion rush right out of me and replace itself with a smile. Nevertheless, I did look on my way to the trash with the mess. Once I calmed down a little and I was about to throw the plate away I said to him, "Now our Happily Ever After is broken." Boy did he get a kick out of that! He had me take some pictures of the plate, and it really made me start thinking about it. Doesn't it always seem to turn out that way? And in the words of Wolf on 10th Kingdom, "Happily Ever After didn't last as long as we thought it would." But really I think that happily ever after is more of a continuous effort. We may not be able to see all of the big picture but with every thing changing all the time, you just have to put your trust in the Lord in order to not have a broken Happily Ever After.

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