Friday, February 10, 2012

Wow! Long time, no type. Sorry about that one, at least to the four people who actually follow my blog. Well, let's start with the recap on the last few months. Thanksgiving was fun, we had Jamie's parents up. Christmas was the best with being able to go back to AL for a few weeks. Once we got back, we cut the wire to get me into college again and with luck on our side we succeeded! :) So now we're both in school and Jamie is working as hard as ever. Our lives have been a semi-chaotic whirlwind. But it's been a lot of fun going to classes and working with the youth at church.

In fact, right now I'm in the throws of a school project for my 3D art class. We work in mainly cardboard, and my sculpture is a surf board on a few waves. I'll have to post some pics of the finished project.

Well, gotta run! Jamie is eager to get onto our new computer : ) You know how boys are!

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