Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Family Tree

So for a gift for Jamie I think I might make him a Family Tree! I'm really excited about it. He really likes stuff about his family and he is very proud to be a Jex. I wanted to do something really cool for him that he would really enjoy.

Now here's the background on how I came up with this craft. I am currently taking a 3D art class in which we work in mostly cardboard. It's free, its a challenge, why wouldn't we, right? I just finished my first project--I made a surfboard and waves.

Pretty cool right? Well, for my next project I'm working on a tulip that you can sit on the leaves and have a light in the bloom :) I will definitely post pictures of that! But anyways, I was cutting out the support structure for the leaves. You have to cut out the shape from the side view, and when I did I got this shape!
When I held it up I loved the shape that it created and I wanted to do something with it. My classmates and I noticed that it looks like a tree (or a bush on my scale). And that is where it all began : )

I went ahead a painted the other side green. You'll have to excuse my photos, I didn't have good lighting.
I think though that I'll go back behind before I put anything on it for sure and paint the trunk brown. That way it'll look more like a tree. But I will definitely keep you updated : )

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