Tuesday, January 8, 2013

30 Weeks & Counting

Whew! What a rush from the Holidays! I hope that everyone enjoyed their Christmas and is as excited about the New Year as I am. : ) I am truly excited about all that this year has to offer. Especially the prospect of a sweet little addition to our home!

This is a picture at 29 weeks, look how cute I am! And yes, I already get people who say things about me popping or it being any day and I get to tell them, "No, not due till mid-March." And I just smile and move on, lol, cause what else can you do?

And I am super excited to be able to use this lovely gift that Jamie's Grandma gave us! It is the sweetest little blessing gown! Just adorable! And before you say anything I am already prepared to bring her to church in a different outfit and put this one on her right before she gets blessed and then take it off right after until pictures so that she doesn't get it messy ; ) But I don't know what exactly I'll bring her in, I think I might make a cute little skirt that will go with some white onesies. As of right now we don't have any real church clothes for her in the range of 0-6 months. So I think it'll be a lot of tights with onesies and skirts I make. Which is fine by me! Simple and sweet : )

In other news (because I'm sure you didn't come to listen to me droll on about my not-yet-born baby) I have been a busy little momma-to-be. We had our Young Women's in Excellence Night at church. For those of you unfamiliar with what exactly that is, it is a night at the end of the year where we showcase all the hard work of the young women in our program. They each get to talk about a Personal Progress project that they accomplished over this past year. I was in charge of the decorations and the theme of the night. I cannot take all of the credit for the theme because I found the idea on pintrest of all places. The Youth theme last year was "Let your light shine" so as a take on that we had the girls display their projects and when they were finished talking about the value they were explaining and their projects they turned a lamp on. So in the beginning the room was just slightly lit with some spot lights and Christmas lights hung around the room, but at the end the room was really bright because of all the lamps that the girls had turned on. It symbolized how as they slowly let their lights shine more will join until all the world is filled with light. I failed and didn't take any pictures that night while we were there, but the decorations got left up for the Ward Christmas party the following Friday and I got pics just before they took it down.

We, and I say we but it was really Jamie and some guys from church, made a false ceiling across the gym with the paper lanterns and tissue pom-poms. I did make the pom-poms but we had the lanterns. And then the Christmas lights swagged along each side of the gym like that. Due to the placement of the plugs the lights had to go back down like that to reach, lol. But I tell you, that it looked really good all done up with the low lighting and all. Just dreamy ; )

And if you think that's all that I have been up to you are sorely mistaken. : ) I have been a busy bee! I even made reversible pacifier holders and a cute little printout that we will put up for Hazel. Check them out!

 I can't take credit for this idea either. It was indeed a pintrest find, again. You can't tell it but there is a white boarder around the purple block. I think it's just adorable and simple; that seems to be a trend around here ; ) I had gone back and forth between doing just her first name and all of her initials but her name won't be alphabetical, Hazel Adelle Jex. So you'd come to the A first and you be like why didn't you say that one. And they'd all be highlighted on the firs two lines so I went with this one. But we like it :)

And these paci holders were super easy to whip up. I did them in one afternoon, or at least I would have had I actually owned the clips before I began. My Wal-mart didn't have any! Can you believe that?! So I had to get them off of ebay and they are stinking cute! I got 10 of them for $7 including shipping. These little babies are usually made from ribbon but I had scrap fabric that I liked and it didn't cost me a thing! So they cost me $0.70 each! Pretty nice if you ask me : ) and to put the paci on the end I just cut an elastic hair band in half and sewed it in the end. It's stretchy and it works perfectly. Couldn't be more pleased with them.

Whew! That is all I have for you today but when I get finished with my knitted baby blanket I will certainly post pictures. That thing has a 12 row pattern that gets repeated 24 times! I'm only on repeat 7, lol. So definitely more to come : ) Hope everyone enjoyed this little update!

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