Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Mash-up Post

It is crazy how fast time flies! So this post will serve as a mash-up post. Here are a few things that you've missed over the last couple weeks. Get ready for tons of photos!!

First things first! Pumpkin Patch Kiddos ;)
The girls and Blaine had a great time going out to the pumpkin patch and picking their own pumpkins. There's a little place just up the road from us that did a big thing with a petting zoo, rides, corn maze and pumpkin patch deal. Everyone had a blast! And here's the proof.

These girls are such hams! I love them!!!

Ok, So after the pumpkin patch there's Sydney's Birthday. She had a great day and even got a wonderful gift from her grandparents in AL. They sent her a giant cupcake pinata. The girls had lots of fun breaking it open. I think the anticipation was almost too much for Hazel. We got the package in the mail a week before her day, so Hazel spent the next week praying that we would get to smash the cupcake at every single opportunity--bedtime, food, elders coming over, etc. But they had fun, nevertheless. Here are some photos from that.

 Daddy finally took pity on them and helped them bust it open. Hazel had it started but just couldn't finish it out, lol.

 And what birthday would be complete without the cake?? She does this funny thing when she blows. She doesn't blow straight, it goes up instead. So we were really proud that she was able to blow out her own candle!

Now, lastly, our little man turned 5 months last week! That's right, he is getting huge. And now some of the cutest pictures of all!

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