Thursday, August 19, 2010

PICTURES! again......

So, I got up with one of the sisters in our ward at church, because she is a photography fanatic like me, and she has allowed me to tweak some of her photos. As many of you know, I love to ShaZam my photos, so of course I have done this to some of hers......

Let me know what you think! It was super fun and I hope that we have many more pictures later to share with everyone. I definitely hope that we are able to get up with each other in the future to swap tricks and editing techniques!

Also, I love tute blogs and if it has anything to do with photos then I'm there. So if you know any cool blogs that do that, then just leave me a comment and I'll be sure to check them out! : )

This picture with all four of them I did a couple different ways. I did it in B&W, this way, and in full color. I just liked this one. : ]


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