Monday, August 30, 2010

New Public Library

There's a new Public Library in our town :] We are super excited because it's much bigger and nicer. But I think that my favorite part about it is that the stairwells/doorways don't smell like you're going into a petting zoo ;]
Now that Morehead has this wicked awesome new place I think that it needs just a few more books and movies to fill it up :] At least it has the space now to expand it's horizon and content. All in all I think that the new library is quite the place. In fact, before we saw it, I didn't think that we'd be able to visit it as often as we used to (because its on the oposite side of town as us), but I think we might be able to manage it. lol.
It has many a wonderful sitting areas and little nooks to get on you're computer. Many nice new tables and super tall book shelves to place any book. And a wonderfully, super cute new childrens section, aquiped with a sink to do awesome little science experiments and art projects! It's all super exciting, and I don't know about Jamie, but this library makes me extra excited to bring our children into a place that has a wonderful resource like this. :]

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