Sunday, April 1, 2012

A Good Cause

 On Friday night, Jamie and I went to an activity that our Relief Society had put together. It was an auction! And all of the proceeds went to the disaster relief efforts for the tornados that went through West Liberty. It was a ton of fun! They had prizes for the kids, raffles, concessions, and lots of free games to keep the kids busy. I loved it! And I think Jamie had some fun of his own : ) Look at all of my treasures! : )))

 It took me a while but I finally got some hair care products that came with the bags below and those sunglasses. I forgot to take pics of them but I also got some organic hair shampoo/conditioner!

 A very nice punch bowl with 16 round cups and 8 smaller ones : ) It really is a charming set especially all clean like this.

And of course who wouldn't love a wall decor that wonderfully matches their curtains? I did.
But lastly I got a $12 gift card to a salon for $4! Everything was a steal. And all of the proceeds went to a great cause. I think it was a great night!

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