Friday, July 9, 2010

The Living Force

I always thought that my living force was my faith and hope firmly rooted with my Heavenly Father. Or maybe even the never wavering devotion for my ever-loving husband. However, when we were left without internet this week or so, we quickly discovered that it is in fact the internet that keeps us mostly sane. So on our conquest for sanity we have rooted our bodies firmly at a table of our public library. Yahoo for free internet!!!!

So besides not having internet, Jamie have had a somewhat exciting week. At church this past Sunday, we received our first callings in KY. Jamie is the 2nd counselor in the YM presidency, and therefore the Scout Master, and I am a Primary Assistant. We are both so excited for our callings that we can't wait for Sunday.

Also, I feel super accomplished with the fact that we cleaned the house this week, and I have done a wonderful job of keeping it clean! Which is an accomplishment, due to the fact that I get tired of doing the dishes all the time. It looks nice and I love it because we can definitely feel the Spirit constantly in our home now!

We got our car fixed the best that it can be for now, and found out that we need to probably start looking for a car. We did look at some for fun yesterday and we found one that we like a lot for $3,000. We'll see about it though.

For the most part, we're having fun and going a long great. I even get to try some new dishes this week and we just couldn't be happier :]

Ta-ta for now,

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  1. Primary is soooo much fun! You are gonna love it. I've recently been called to primary too. I love it!! Good luck! :)