Monday, July 19, 2010


As I have mentioned before, I am now a Primary assistant. I get to do pretty much anything that will help them to run more smoothly. Sunday was the first chance that I had to be able to teach a lesson on the spot as well as help with a part of the singing time. And the awesome part is that I get to do a review game this Sunday for singing time!

On the slightly funny side of primary yesterday, Jamie's dad and brother were visiting this weekend. That's not the funny part, the funniness was from the fact that he wanted a picture of us all before they left. So, in order to get this picture with me, they came into my class and had one of the missionaries take the picture in the middle of my class consisting of three 11-year-old girls. It was cute and priceless, they came in and surrounded me in my chair and took the picture and left. On the way out Jamie kissed me and then shut the door. After that experience the girls eyes were about as wide as a quarter! It was so funny!

We were also able to go to the Temple in Louisville on Friday! It was a ton of fun and we were able to meet a few people who are our new good friends! We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and will look for any opportunity to go to the temple! : ) While we were in the temple I thought of another name for kids, Hazel. For those of you who don't know, Jamie and I have been coming up with baby names in our bored and spare time. When I proposed the name Hazel, Jamie told me that it was his Dad's mother's name. I thought that it was only fitting and I want this name, but I haven't found anything that I really like to go with it, other than Jex. I was really hoping to be able to find a name from my family history to go with it. I guess that within the next week or so I'll be going through all of my mom's records for one. I'm in hot pursuit, but it's not like I don't really have plenty of time for that one. : )



  1. Baby names?! Is there something you're not telling me?????
    Hazel is cute. I heard the name Hazen the other day. Different, but cool. The more I say it the more I seem to like it.
    I'm glad you're enjoying primary. The ward needs the strongest members to serve in primary. Sure says a lot about us primary workers. :)

  2. You better believe it does! lol :)