Thursday, July 1, 2010


In the hopes of making my computer faster, I've been reviewing some of the programs that I have on my computer. Who'd of thought that the very first program that I click on would be an organizing program. : ]  It's so super cool that I've been on it for almost all of my free time today and yesterday trying to organize and budget myself, and thus my family. From this one place I can open up my money managing program as well as this program that you can take notes in! Its called Microsoft Office OneNote and it works like an electronic notebook. It's so much fun! I can even take snap-shots of the pages that I'm looking at online and paste them directly into the text. If I was a business woman, I could mesh the projects I was working on in Excel and Word with this OneNote to make it all easier to find. I LOVE it!!! I feel like such an accomplished woman. If I had had this program while I was the Relief Society Secretary, they would have loved me to death! It would've made it a lot harder to find my replacement. : ]
But anyways, it definitely makes me feel like I'm ready for any calling that comes my way!


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