Sunday, June 27, 2010

In the chaos of it all...

So, this weekend we helped some of our friends move into their new apartment. It was a lot of fun and we're super glad that they are finally getting settled in. : ]
Also this weekend, Jamie and I setup and decorated my new "inspiration room."  It looks super snazzy with my art all over on the walls and christmas lights on the perimeter of the ceiling. I love it!!! Every time that I come into it, it reminds me of my wonderful husband that I couldn't live without. He is the best, and I feel for all you other women because you missed out on him. He truly is my FAVORITE ; ]......At any rate, he set up my sewing machine and got out all my art supplies so that I could start working on some awesome projects. The kinds of projects that can occupy most of my free time while he is gone. I think that I might be able to manage.

Oh yeah! If ya'll have any patterns for super cute and easy skirts then comment about them and link me up! Right now I'm going skirt crazy and I'm making skirts for church as well as everyday! But especially everyday. So, just tell me about them if you know any!

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