Saturday, June 5, 2010


So in my ongoing quest for a job in our new little town, I have managed to apply at two different Dollar General stores. It's the same application, but it is two separate ones for each store. It's just an extremely tedious process and it makes me miss my awesome job at ALDI in Decatur.

On the plus side though, Megan showed me where she got her ShaZAM technique and I must say that it totally rocks! Here is my favorite ShaZAMed picture so far. I think it's pretty nifty. She also showed me where to go to spice up my blog, as you can see. Oh, but I'm not done yet. I still have to add a couple of things before my blog is yet complete. And then by the time it's complete, I'll be looking for a new design so that I can start all over. lol!

Anyways, thats really it for now. Just hope and pray that I can find a job soon. : }

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