Friday, May 18, 2012

And the Summer Begins!

Yay!!!    We are into the summer! And let me tell you we kicked it off with quite a bang!

We started with our finals week, which was crazy hectic! I even missed a final because the teacher AND my calendar said it was on the wrong day [I showed up but no one was there!] And then we had Jamie's graduation : ) I'm so proud of him. It might of only been his Associate's but I don't have to tell you that it's important to celebrate every milestone! And because he was graduating we had his Dad and brother Will in town for the weekend. And it was sad to see them go. : (  But we kept it together because my sister had her Baby #4! Man, oh, man! Didn't I tell you that we kicked it off with a bang! I even have a few things under my belt ; ) I reorganized the pantry/kitchen, including taking off the pantry door to give it more space. And we as a couple are doing awesome exercising everyday so far this summer. That's right, we're gonna get hot sexy beautiful skinny people! : ))
And best of all! I'm now making a wonderful baby quilt for my new nephew! Aren't I just a wonderful Aunt?! lol. So to give you a taste of what the blanket will look like is this picture and link ; )

found here!

Obviously, I'm not using those colors but that is the tutorial that I found and it is what I'm basing my actual blanket on. Pretty cute, huh?

Be sure to keep up with us over the next month every week I'm going to be posting about my crafts and fun things we're up to ; ) And I'll be sure to up date ya'll on how our vacation goes in two weeks! We are super excited and we can't wait to get on the road and visit our favorite places in the world! Alabama and Florida! Be sure to check back in with me soon!

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