Monday, May 21, 2012

New Kitchen Lamp!

I'm am pleased to announce that in all of my wonderous efforts and dashing over town today, I scored a Goodwill find! : ) People always talk about finding great stuff at the Goodwill that they shop at, but ours isn't that great and it's fairly pricy for a Goodwill. But nevertheless, you never know when you'll score right? So I was checking to see if I could find a great deal on a new lamp for my kitchen because I had one in there and one in the living room that matched and I was hoping to swap lamps around and put the set in the bedroom. The only thing was I was a lamp short and I didn't want to pay a pretty penny, if you know what I mean ; )
ANYways, I found one and I even talked the lady into giving me the lamp and shade for $2.50 total especially because the bottom was duck tape (I don't care) and the knob to turn on the light was missing. Ha! It totally worked and voila! I knocked off a whole $1.50 off my price [you gotta love the little things in life ; )]! I ran over to Lowes picked up mettalic spray paint and headed for home!

This is what I came home with...

This is the lamp and shade combo I got for $2.50

A close up of the lamp part

A close up of the shade

So now that I had them home I took apart the lamp. It would have been easier if the whole lamp came apart but no. I ended up taping the white glassy part. I was originally going to paint the whole thing but I figured it wouldn't hurt to tape it off and if I didn't like it go back and paint over. Then I wiped it down good and spray painted. Let me tell you. A- always aleast try to scuff up the metal a touch and B- be happy with metalic spray imperfections on metal. I wanted it to be perfect and it wasn't coming out that way and I kept layering it on and I finally got so frustrated with it and myself that I ended up taking the whole thing off and starting over.
Finally, after 2 more hours of taking it off and 2 more hours of putting it back on and together I got the lamp where I wanted it to be. For the shade...that ugly green shade.... well, I completely torn it apart. You see that white color on the inside? It's actually a thin plastic and I took the green and peeled it off of the white. Peeled it completely apart. And then spray adhessived it to a scrap of fabric big enough that I love. It's light blue with a white floral design on it. And Viola!

This is what I got! : )

Keep in mind that the shade is NOT completely finished! I still have to put bias tape around the rims of the top and bottom, but I wanted to show this beauty off!

Not bad for one days work, huh? : )

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