Saturday, August 20, 2016


As promised, here are those details and pics that I have for the signs and mice toys. First things first! Signs!

I think I'm gonna put this next to my side of the bed to try to kick my bum into gear. I'd love to start working out when Jamie gets up for work but can't seem to leave the sweet bliss of sleep. ;)

Here's that close up I talked about. Much easier to see it in person still, but hey, what ya gonna do?

I gave this as a thank you gift to a member in our branch at church. She has been so wonderful helping us with my gestational diabetes that I had with Blaine and move our piano, etc. Any time I've needed anything she's been there. So I wanted to make sure that she knew how much I appreciated it all.

Now the super cute and fun stuff, the mice!!

They turned out way cute!! And I had a ton of fun making them come to life using the girl's personalities. Sydney has a sister at church that she loves to visit during Sacrament Meeting. This sister loads her down with bracelets and necklaces and she then wanders around telling anyone who listens, "Pretty!" That's why I gave hers a necklace, 3 bracelets, earrings, and a ring. Hazel's only has earrings and a bracelet. She even picked out the colors for the bracelet and earrings. ;) Blaine gets a ribbon tie {I had Jamie tie it for me. I can't tie that small} and whiskers. Hazel had a hard enough time waiting for the mouse that she didn't let me put on whiskers. She barely let me do the eyes, lol. I made Blaine's first so that he would have a snuggle toy and then Hazel wouldn't let him keep it {she loved it sooo much}

I went ahead and took another picture of the sign I call my "State Love Art". That way you would understand what I made my mug after ;) No call yet and I'm getting so anxious that I might just drive up there on Tuesday just so I can have it. I'll have waited patiently {well, almost} for one whole week! Anyway, here's the pic!

That's all I really have for you today. But to end on a sweet note I have a pic of the beautiful roses my sweet husband bought me. Just because he's so wonderful I have to give him a shout.

Have a wonderful day! Go create!

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