Thursday, September 23, 2010

Catch up

Don't you just love it when you wait to post things because you want to put pictures with them? Well, thats the name of the game today.  : )

For all of you who remember the cake that I posted a couple of times ago, here are the actual birthday photos to go with it! Yay for 24! I love that big stud of mine!

Also, I was doing some projects this past week and I thought that you might enjoy to see them : ]  Now the first one is a purse that I found on a blog while I was cruzing my sister's blog. The only problem is I didn't bookmark it and I can't find the blog anymore : (
But that's ok because I did it from memory and I don't think tha it turned up so bad. This other thing, if you couldn't tell, is a pin cushion. I just got sick and tired of my cat getting into my pins and finding them all over the floor. Plus, it makes them much easier to pick up : ] It's my recreation that I found, once again, on a blog. I would give you the blog, but I'm not for sure which one it is. I just took a screen shot of it in my Microsoft OneNote. I like it : ]  I also think that the purse will make good Christmas presents ; ] So, watch out for one in a few months!

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