Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Girly Stuff

Today Jamie and I were just killing some time in the Fashion Bug before he had his interview appointment. I saw this super cute necklace! And then I saw the price. Lets just say that, like always, I told my husband of my wondrous talents and the ability to be able to make it. He, for the first time actually, challenged me on it. He said, "You always say that, but you never end up doing it." So, for all of the bragging rights and the wonderful flaunting of a new necklace, I decided to rise to the occasion ;)

Butterfly Flower NecklaceThis is a picture of what type of necklace mine is based off of. Well, it's the closest to the one I was looking at in the store. I was going off of a $16 super gaudy one. But I decided to tone it down with mine. Not to mention that I put mine together for around $3!
It was super easy, and I actually used most of the things that I had around the house. You might not necessarily have everything that I used, but I basically just improvised. And I'll tell you what. I love it!

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